Improving grain maize protein and amino acids content

Good crop nutrition will ensure high protein and energy levels of grain in the maize cob.

A correct balance of nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and zinc is particularly important in improving grain maize protein and amino acids content.

Crop Nutrition and Grain Maize Protein and Amino Acids Content


Poor nitrogen supply during grain fill leads to lower grain proteins. A balanced nitrogen topdressing during stem elongation can improve grain protein content and provide the right amount of nitrogen to sustain the grain maize filling.


Good potassium nutrition can increase protein content of the grain and the levels of proteinogenic amino acids, cystine and methionine.


Sulphur supply is particularly important in the conversion of nitrogen to protein and in improving grain maize quality. S also helps in the process of amino acid production, ensuring high nitrogen use efficiency.


Iron is important to plant metabolism as a component of enzymes and proteins, and in nitrate reductase for reduction of nitrate to ammonium and then amino acids.