CheckIT - to identify nutrient deficiencies

Yara CheckIT is an agricultural mobile device app that gives farmers a photographic library of crops to allow a simple and fast identification of possible nutrient deficiencies.

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About CheckIT

A simple way to identify nutrient deficiencies

With CheckIT you can search through photos of nutrient deficiencies, filter them by symptoms, the location of the symptom on the crop, or by the suspected cause of the symptom and then use this to identify the probable deficiency.

Once you have decided on the cause of the deficiency CheckIT gives the further information on how the deficiency affects that crop, what soil types are prone to this type of deficiency and what factors will make a deficiency worse.

CheckIT also gives you a fertiliser recommendation to treat the identified deficiency, as well as alternative products which allow preventive treatment for the following growing season.

CheckIT should work well in rural locations with low signal strength although if there is no signal product recommendations will be limited. CheckIT lets you make an on-the-spot identification of a crop deficiency, and at the same time give advice and recommendations to correct the deficiency and so improve crop quality and increase yield. 

As a final confirmation of any nutrient deficiency we would always recommend conducting a laboratory analysis of leaf tissue.  This is particularly important as there is often more than one deficient nutrient which can lead to confusing symptoms or there may be a hidden deficiency where there is a loss of crop yield or quality without any visible symptoms.